Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer hours

So, one day into summer hours. Of course, life only changes gears. It never slows down. We shifted from a 9-5 schedule to an 8-3 yesterday. In the same moment, however, we got some tragic news in the office. Two of our parishioners were involved in a traffic accident on Sunday night, a mother and daughter. Both are well-beloved in the parish. Mother was killed in the broadside collision. Daughter was "OK," if that concept can be applied. The elder was a member of the choir and adult spiritual formation programs and the younger is a Sunday School teacher. Both are treasured friends. This is hard news for us as a church family, and we will be grieving this loss for a while. The hardest part about accidental death is that the shift from "things as usual" to grief is abrupt and brutal. Getting thoughts and feelings wrapped around what has just happened is almost impossible. Accepting the reality of loss is just as difficult. Laura and I were walking Sophie last night, and I remarked that it feels so odd to think of someone being gone so abruptly...It almost feels like they have simply moved away--to someplace like Idaho. In reality, they are gone; and we are left to mourn their death while life pushes us on. So, I sit in my office this morning and am planning a funeral for a friend and parishioner that I will truly miss. Not easy. Not easy at all.

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