Sunday, June 18, 2006

A new presiding bishop

It has been ages since I last posted, it seems to me. A lot has gone on in the parish, and in the national church. We lost a truly beloved member of the parish. It was the second largest funeral I have ever done, rivaled only by a former parish's member who died in 9/11. Both sadness and hope.

Add to that Lobsterfest and General Convention and I wonder if life will ever be calm again. I keep looking for a quiet moment, but I also seem to refuse to give them to myself.

After a couple of days off, in which my wife and I made the time and space to see friends and family in the region, we made our way down to Columbus, Ohio for the election of the next presiding bishop. I feel fortunate to say that "I was there." I will post more about it tomorrow. Right now, I need some sleep!

I will say this, however: +Katherine Jefferts-Schori and her election was a moving experience. From the palpable tension in the exhibition hall to the barely muted excitement in the House of Deputies, the wait for the results of the House of Bishop's election process was remrakable. Once the results began to percolate back into the main hall, the ability of the chair to keep things under control was nearly comical.

So, here SHE is...the first primate of the Anglican Communion who happens to be a female. My excitement for her election is that we seem to have a good woman to fill a very important role. She spoke both spanish and english. She was gracious and strong. Life is good. We live in interesting times!

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