Saturday, April 15, 2006

Triduum: Holy Saturday

One of the oddest moments in the life of the Church, without a doubt; because for a brief time the Church does not exist.

If we really accept two theses: that the Church is the Body of Christ, and that Christ dies on Good Friday; then we cease for a time to exist with and in that Body. It lies entombed. Granted, this is a metaphorical assumption. Otherwise, who would clean the sanctuary, arrange and flowers, warm up the choir, coach the acolytes, marshal the ushers and prepare the life-giving liturgies of the Great Vigil and Easter Sunday?

Still, for a brief time, things slow down to a near stop. No sacramental ministry can happen. Don't get sick and expect blessings, anointings or home communion on Holy Saturday. It can't happen. All we can do is pray, watch and wait.

And clean, cook, prepare and perhaps rest a moment before the big show of the Paschal Mysteries begin to move, operate and bloom.

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