Thursday, April 20, 2006

Henry Carse and the Distinguished Alumni/ae Award

I had a surprise and a treat yesterday. A classmate of mine, Dr. Henry Carse, was slated to be awarded the Distinguished Alum award at my seminary during Alumni Week (this week). I had made time in my schedule to travel to New York to celebrate this occasion with him and his wife Anne, but when I arrived at the seminary I was also asked to announce the award to him.

I was the one from the Executive Committee of the Associate Alumni/ae who was asked to call him a few months ago, and I though my responsibility would end pretty much there. It was a particular joy to give him his "props" and call him to the podium last night to receive his award. His work at St. George's College in Jerusalem, with Kids4Peace and his presence to hosts of pilgrims to the Holy Land for the past couple of decade more than earned him this award. His spirit, theological humility and depth and grace defined it as a sacramental moment.

I hope to link his sermon (the DA award recipient is invited to preach at the requiem Eucharist during alumni/ae week) soon to this blog. It was a true master work. He spoke the Gospel from his core, his experience and it was mediated into the most powerful of Easter benedictions: the bittersweet mourning of exaltation in the new life of Christ resurrected in us and through us to a broken world yearning for the peace of God which passed all understanding.

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  1. Henry was our "tour guide" for most the time I studied at Ecce Homo in 1996-1997. He was not only very knowledgeable, he was able to make the sites come alive. His anecdotes, interesting observations of the local flora and fauna, as well as the recent history, and sometimes very helpful explanations of Hebrew words were invaluable. I lost touch when he left Israel for a tour and sabbatical from St. Georges. If you ever touch base with him, he'd never remember Floyd Gibson, but you can tell him in the many courses and travels I've done he was one of the most fantastic teachers I've ever encountered.