Friday, February 17, 2006

The "Quiet" week

Well, the "quiet" week is almost over. Of course, we have a busy weekend ahead. Trips to do the regular errands o' th' day off: Costco, food, etc. Also, some side trips to the hospital for a quick pastoral drop-in and mayhap a little work on the new website.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. The day had an early start. Sophie was deprived of her daily morning walk because I had to get to Morning Prayer and hit an early meeting in the office. I don't like missing out on allowing her sniffs and smells perambulations around the neighborhood, but when it is busy, they get pushed to the evening. Not great for her, nor for me. I enjoy the morning walks particularly. It allows me some time alone with the dog, with my thoughts and some silence with the Almighty as the sun comes up.

Still, the day was a good one. The morning closed with a first, a morning book study on John Sanford's The Kingdom Within.

Almost twenty people showed up. Decaf coffee and sweets and great conversation. After the MBTI workshop we held a couple of weeks ago, it was heartening to see the "hang time" on the event translated into interest on reframing the psychological tool of the inventory analysis into a more spiritual dialogue. I had to leave a bit early. Had a teleconference (read: a phone call meeting) with my wife and tech guy to work on the website. We are in the process of getting the new website online. Lots of editing and tweaking to do yet, but things are coming together. John, the tech guy, found a great calendar tool that Laura and I are both really excited about. It allows us to create a graphic and informational resource that is far more sophisticated and accessible than what we had originally planned.

The old aphorism about loose threads holds true, though. The minute you pull that thread on your shoulder the sleeve falls off. There is a lot to learn. Setting up the online parish bookstore with and its associate's program. Great way to get discounted books, and to get some passive fundraising done for the parish, but getting links to paste successfully into the html source code is a stretch for me. Still, we are slowly coming up to where we are going to be able to open the site.

On another note, we got the chance to commission some parishioners for a fact-finding/mission trip to Guatemala. This is part of the Bucks area churches' efforts to build on the foundation of the Diocesan Companion Relationship with the Episcopal Church in Guatemala. We sent three youth and one adult last year...And now the Powell's are on their way early tomorrow morning.We went to the sanctuary to do the commissioning, and snagged some people from youth choir on the way. One of the things I truly love about Trinity is the fact that, as you move through any event, meeting, gathering, lingering, etc., and are on your way with someone to one of the sanctuaries to pray...All you have to do is just say to the people you encounter on the way, "Hey, come on, we're praying." And, they come. What was just a planned gathering of six or seven turned into an anointing and laying on of hands of about twenty.
We bumped the Martin and his associate for a couple of minutes as we did the liturgy, but that also gave us a chance to see how progress is going on the organ. Downside is that I really don't have anymore dramatic photos to offer. The progress right now is more auditory. They are installing, voicing and tuning the plethora of pipes that are still stacked chest high to the side of the Church. Amazing to listen to, believe me. When a pipe goes in with the wind open, it makes odd whistlings until the seal shuts, and then Martin fiddles with this and that and you slowly hear that one note come to life in the sanctuary. From dissonance to resonance. From a rather unsettling and chaotic noise to something that provokes a harmonic tune in the structure of the building itself. Very cool.

Seeing things like the chamade trumpets coming out of the boxes and getting installed is about it. And you should hear the sound that launches from them. The youth group did a brief tour of the organ last Wednesday. Several had to cover their ears due to the surprise of the brightness and greatness of the sound. What and adventure!

After that, Laura and I went out to dinner with Martin and Rokus. Great fun at Ooka in Doylestown. Sushi is becoming comfort food, of late. It was a bit raucous, in that the hibachi section seems to be a big draw for families with young kids/friends celebrating birthdays. Lots of fire and cheering and singing, but that definitely raised our moods. Not that our moods needed much lifting.

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