Saturday, February 04, 2006

Loving things 50/50

Ah, the pressure and intensity of change!

I had a conversation today in the Parish Hall just as the men's breakfast was breaking up. With the organ going in, people are beginning to express reaction to its presence.

From the know, half loved and half did not.

Like all things, having a middle ground preference...and wanting to be liked, means I take those comments to heart in the first moment. It takes me time to digest them for what they are...a true and honest expression of institutional ambivalence.

As I said before, Church is a tough place to live. Change kicks the door in, and being a leader means that I am the first one to experience that shift, usually from the seismic activity of people being disrupted around me.

Still, the organ is an awesome and beautiful thing to see in the sanctuary. Its presence DOES dominate. It IS change.

And, it will take time AND conflict to resolve the feelings of the people around it.

All the little dramas will be exacerbated. All the major issues will for a time be atomic.

And yet, we will continue to grow and evolve.

That is what it means to grab onto and embrace the rocket's tail of transition...and in a healthy human existence, that NEVER ends.

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