Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A long night to an early morning

Every once in a while, I hear the old saw: "You priests...You only work on Sundays, right? " Let me tell you. Let me tell you, though...A typical Sunday at Trinity is not just service and brunch. With three services anyway, we are busy. Top that with Sundays like last week's. We had the Gospel Choir of the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas for the main service (they blew the roof off) and a concert in the afternoon (they blew the roof off, again--and two people in the choir were "slain in the spirit" as they told their stories). Then, Peacemeal...Then, a deanery meeting two towns over. I got home around 9 PM from having left the house at 7 AM. So, even if I only work Sundays.... And then, Monday was a holiday with funeral. We laid to rest a dear human soul. Pastoral care that was a welcome thing, but also took time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was worth every minute. The funeral liturgy was a true sacramental moment. The family grieving this man's passing brought a depth of faith the in the end fed me. Right when priesthood gets to an overwhelming place, there are often moments, like this man's passing, that remind me of why I am who and what I am. They teach me again what it means to love what I do. Doesn't make it easier...It does create a moment that truly brings God to the present, here and now. I can sup on that nectar for weeks, now.

And heading into Lent, that is nectar that I will need!

It is now Wednesday morning.

I am getting ready to head out at 6:30 AM for a 7:30 AM Eucharist, after getting home at 11:30 PM from a vestry meeting. I found my wife at the kitchen table working on the church's new website in order to bring it online by the end of the week. We then sat for a half hour doing edits on the screen...And then spent another half hour talking and thinking about it in bed. Then, I went to sleep thinking about the pastoral calls and meetings I have for today. I might get home before six, I hope...But only if I skip youth group (but only because I need to get home to do my own edits on the website---so, still working). Thing is, I love it all. From soup to nuts, this is the best vocation I can imagine. Just sometimes, I get tired. Just like anybody else with a 60+ hour a week job. Yeah, I only work on Sundays.

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