Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Readings for February and March

I am getting really excited about the next two month's formation materials. Lorrie Perkins is leading an exploration of Meyers-Briggs type indicators next weekend, and then a book discussion on The Kingdom Within by John Sanford. This book explores the connections between MBTI types and spiritual practice.

I am also working on a Lenten series that will focus on Reading the Bible Again for the First Time by Marcus Borg. His work is really amazing. Based on work by the theologian Sallie McFague (Metaphorial Theology), the way we read scripture and the manner in which we ascertain "truth" is deconstructed in order to refresh they way scripture can inform our faith lives. In short, we need as a culture to pick through the detritus of generations of cultural, social and epistemological practice to discover ways that revision what our relationship with Bible can be.

On another note, the organ prep continues! Today, the tie rod holding the roof together will be reset. Electricity is being run for the new installations. And, on a down note, twelve bluestone pavers were cracked when a contractor mistakenly ran his lift down our front walk. I know life is fragile, but I was hoping to get through this installation with as little impact as possible. God willing we will be through this soon!

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