Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A new year's beginning; anticipating the first year's end

Well, things have turned.

The New Year begins. The old one passes.

One of the moments I always look forward to at this time of year is drawing the double dark line in the service register to break one year from the next. The service register serves as a record of every liturgy we celebrate here at Trinity. Everything from home communions to Easter Sunday, from Morning Prayer to midweek Eucharists goes down into that register. The number of people at a service, the number communed. How many weddings? How many baptisms? How many funerals? When did it snow, rain...Was the church empty when the Eagles were in the playoffs? It is a way to record history, to mark time. One chapter ends and the next begins. Somewhat the same as opening the new Excel spreadsheet in my computer, but the lines drawn in the book has more of an old-world charm to it.

It also gets me in mind to think about annual meeting (February 5th); the parochial report that lets the diocese and national Church know what is happening on our own little 4 acres of heaven here in Solebury and the imminent end of my first year here as rector and the beginning of our mutual ministry review betwixt the vestry and me.

This is a heady season, too. This month sees me traveling to New York and Michigan. One for a meeting and the other for a family wedding. At the end of the month we receive our new organ for its installation. On top of that, we start preparing for Lent.

Never a dull moment. Not yet, anyway.

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