Monday, December 19, 2005

Nativity, Pageant and the Spirit of the Holidays

Working toward Christmas.

I am always moved by the run-up to this holiday. There is a steady tension that envelops office, parish, family and friends during this time. We are never busier. This is a church, after all. We have some pretty big productions to get up and running. Services need to be planned and put up. Music, the music we all expect from the holiday, needs to be played, sung and savored. There are hallmarks to the occasion, and proprieties, that must be observed. That is the tough side. The good part is walking through the season with a community that is our own. Being among family, either by birth or assumed, is the point of the moment. It is not a time to be alone, but to be together. Warts and worries and all, and to put them aside for a moment to bask in the glow of just being human.

This will be my first Christmas here...And my third Christmas sermon after years of being the assistant. Rectors preach on Christmas. I love that part in that as rector now I am called upon to offer up some wise words about Jesus, a'manger born. There has been so much material to work with given me in the past weeks. I could mine the Advent quiet days for months of sermons on the testimony of scripture about God's Love for us in the Incarnation.

Peter DeFranco invited us to be Christ being born...Or to take the moment to be Mary bearing Christ. A heady moment. Can we truly accept that much trust, that much love from one we fear with holy dread? God loving us that much can't be abstracted. We either accept it or reject it; but it is there for us.

Ginny hit us with W.H. Auden's For the Time Being and a strong dose of existential and theological rumination. The complexity of that poetic oratorio are over the top, to say the least; but so much waits for us to digest.

Perhaps that is what I am thinking on in preparing to move through this first Christmas at Trinity. We come from everywhere to this one place, seeking Jesus who is born to us as savior...All the potentiality of human dreams personified. Now, perhaps at last and perhaps yet again, we truly begin.

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