Thursday, December 29, 2005

The in-between

Between and betwixt Christmas and New Year's is a peculiar time in the life of the Church. There is a quiet that descends on the place. Not much CAN get done in this year end bit of days. Some cleaning, some planning. Truth is, though, that most people are out of town, or are taking some time off or are simply hanging back a bit.

This year holds a bit more of the quiet. Christmas Day was the last Sunday of the year. So, nothing "happens" until 2006. AND, the new year begins on a Sunday. Not an easy bit to schedule. Two holidays falling on Sundays means low attendance and light staff availability. So, throttle back. Be at ease. Get some work done, but go home early. Stay alert, but don't hurt yourself. Sort of a brief, tight and hidden Advent.

Makes me wonder what a mindful celebration of Christmas Season, those famous twelve days, really might be if taken seriously. Would it be like this? With a sense of the need to take a break, a pause. Mayhap that is exactly what this week entails.

Of course, it is an illusion. Year end work needs to happen. Filing and organizing and invoicing and preparation for what comes NEXT.

And what comes NEXT? New Year's. Bishop's visitation. Bonfire. Organ delivery. Annual meeting. GTS work.


So much for a quiet season!

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