Monday, November 07, 2005

All Saints'

Yesterday was a blessed and busy event. Aside from the regular tradition of the first Sunday of the month being given over for healing prayers (anointing and laying on of hands at each service during communion), we had baptisms, a parade of saints (children from the Sunday School parading in saint's "vests" around the sanctuary), the intonation of the necrology of the parish and all the regular Sunday beauty of holiness! As icing on the cake, there was Evensong. We printed more programs than the last time, and we still ran out! A growing ministry/liturgy is fun to celebrate....

Now, that's Church.

There was such a great spirit in the worship yesterday. Even though the service ran a bit long, we were able to...In the words of one person...Take what had been chaotic in years past to a place of integration and wholeness. In their words, "Now THAT is what All Saints' Sunday is about!"

And then I stressed.

Before I went to bed I read my email, and there were a couple of those missives you dread reading before bedtime. Not so much that they were negative. Far from it. They were about the work vestry is engaging around the deficit, stewardship and communicating to the parish. Difficulty was that they were things I had been chewing on for a while, and when I read the emails, I was left with the feeling that I had to DO something to respond.

So, my body woke me up to deal with that around 2:30 this morning. Not an easy time to deal with ANY issue, much less one upon which the future of the parish hinges. Long story short, and to present an abridged answer to the question: "Sometimes, it is better to wait, and do something well...Than to rush." Not my chosen modus, and something I need to embrace.

We struggle to trust that waiting process, though. The imperative to keep our shoulders to the wheel, our ear to the ground and our noses to the grindstone means we feel anxiety when we are NOT doing. But sometimes, NOT doing is DOING.

Right now, we need to trust the people of the parish to make their pledges, support the deficit reduction program and then move forward into 2006 in hope and prayer. And we need to trust each other to slow down a bit and feel where are guts are.

I have a funeral at 11, a dear old man I never really got to know, but whose heart and spirit are all around in the people he was close to around here. May his soul and the souls of all the departed rest in peace.

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