Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Early morning yoga

This morning I did something I haven't done in ages, I got up out of bed when the alarm went off and did some yoga. I think I was prompted to it by the impact of the news of the last few days. Self-care has been pretty low on my list lately, and if I am going to be of help to anyone around here; then I think I need to make sure I have something in the proverbial gas tank to get the job done. Especially with the program year kicking of on Sunday. Yoga practice will do my some good, I think.

A couple of good things came from this morning's early rising: the first is that Laura got some extra sleep. I fed the cats and dog (something she usually does in the morning) and then took some time to light some incense and pop in the yoga DVD.

It was only a half hour, and I have been procrastinating getting back into a regular practice. Resisting putting precious time into a half hour or more on the mat seems difficult to me. One more thing in the day. I had forgotten just how good it is, though, to spend that time stretching and moving inside my own skin.

Having been exercising on a stationary bike these past two months, my wind is good and the muscles are strong. But I am stiff as all get out. Bending and moving my legs, particularly was not easy. And then, later on into the session, I was almost undone by some of the deep abdominal movements. It was like I had cords wrapped around my torso, and moving through the poses allowed me to become mindful, much more mindful of my core muscles.

It also made centering prayer a bit easier to take. Having already pushed my breath in deep into my midsection, it was easier to find a good, comfortable rate of respiration.

Now, if I can just get my mind to quiet down with my body!

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