Saturday, August 20, 2005

All at once

Somedays it pays to come into the office on Saturday.

Within ten minutes of entering the front door of the rectory, I had welcomed a planned visit of a couple intending to marry in September, taken a call from a parishioner in a pastoral crisis and received three important emails. Not to mention the stack of voice mails waiting in the electronic queue on my phone.

Nice to step off being the CEO for a bit and settle into being the priest who takes time for folks.

We had that opportunity last night, too. Laura and I went to a party thrown by Carol Church, a parishioner who went through her own version of hell in recovering from a horrific accident in which she was struck by a car. What a grace to celebrate with her the fullness of a return to health and wholeness!

This has been a great weekend so far.

Tomorrow should be fun, too.

We are welcoming back a former assistant as she celebrates her son's departure for college...I am not preaching, allowing the youth director to have the pulpit...And the summer is gearing down. Low Sundays ahead!

Still, there will be baptisms next week...And then BOOM! The program year begins.

God be with us!

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