Thursday, June 02, 2005

Until the end of the year, or, the new green

Late spring, early summer. On the morning news programs, we begin to get a mixed palate of news. hard and soft. Midyear economic figures come out. Earnings and losses are announced. The forecast for summer fuel prices move up from the third page to a second column, front page topic.

And the new fashions for summer are exhibited. What is the new green? The new color pallet that every fashion-minded person should be aware of as the heady months of rest and re-creation begin? This year, I see, is a double whammy. Apparently, the new thing (thanks to a well-timed ad campaign by "the Gap" and a nearly hit song by Joss Stone) is white jeans. Short, long, trim, flared. Everyone needs a pair of these for his/her summer wardrobe. Oh, and don't forget the color!

Still, there is a sense of fatigue, when it comes to making that transition from one season to another. And, although Madison Avenue wants you to think that you can go out and shop for that sense of peace and quiet that permeates the season of summer-the beach-the mountains-etc., the reality is that the mindset comes from being out and about in relationship with those about you...not from having/possessing the latest key to happiness as they market it.

Not an easy lesson, especially as we push to the end of the program year. I know that the resort to the quick answer is sometimes the easiest. The ability to just go out and buy what you think you need, instead of fashioning it yourself from what is inside is the most expedient solution. It doesn't create lasting peace.

What I am beginning to learn about the end of program years, over time, is that we get a moment to see it all in perspective. Just as things get unbearable, we are reminded to slow down. Just when we get REALLY tired, we are given a short break.

I can use a break!

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