Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ah, sweet Jesus!

This has been a long month, again. I feel like I am packing in a year of life into each thirty days. So much happens, so much is significant. It is hard to slow down, because there is so much to do, so many people to see and so much to learn.

The season after startup is always an interesting time. Now that the blush is coming off the rose and we are getting to know one another more intimately, I feel like we are beginning to settle in to wondering who we are going to be. There is both new growth and a new familiarity with what is taking root in me, and I think in the parish. The sacristy is beginning to feel familiar. I know where the coffee and snacks are kept in the rectory's kitchenette. I am still trying to find time to study, but the pace of meetings and appointments seems to be edging off a bit.

Summer is here, and I plan on taking a few days to relax, barbecue and enjoy this new, grace-filled life L and I are experiencing here in Bucks County.

One thing that will probably work its way into my Tidings article, and the reason I titled this post in such a sucrotic way...

This past week, I joined the clergy of the Bucks County Deanery at the diocese's conference center down in Elkton, MD..."Wapiti" is a beautiful spot right on the banks of the Elk River. A true blessing to the community. During our closing Eucharist, all we had for bread was some pound cake from the morning coffee break. Both myself and the rector of St. Andrew's, Yardley immediately chimed out...."Sweet Jesus!"

Imagine, making Eucharist with a sweet bread! I have celebrated the divine liturgy in a dozen ways: with bread, crackers, goldfish cheddar snacks, even...Once, Doritos. Still, I have never had pound cake. Not so much innovation as expedience, what resulted was an experience of the Eucharist that was for me a singular moment of reflection on what it means to be in the Body, to be in Communion.

Sweet Jesus, I needed that. After a long weekend of going to Michigan and back to fulfill the obligations of being a good son, grandson, nephew, brother and cousin at a family wedding and then moving immediately to being a good priest in consultation with my bishop at the retreat, I needed that little break. It was a reminder of the sweet life...A pausa in my life of ministry.

Too often, we rush through the meal to get to the dolce at the end...Or worse, we rush through that, too, in order to get to the next order of business, the next event. We don't want to be late for the play, the meeting, the show coming up on TV or even the threat of falling behind in our busy and important lives.

In a bit of pound cake and a swallow of wine, I was reminded on Tuesday to slow down and taste the moment.

Ah, sweet Jesus!

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