Thursday, May 26, 2005

the Bug and the Windshield

I had a very good conversation with a parishioner today, and was given a great gift. When he called, he shared the fact that the day had not been the best for him. Mirrored mine, actually. I had been to a late meeting last night, had not slept well and then had come to the office carrying a couple of burdens from days past that had me feeling remarkably low.

His line to me that made me feel better? After telling me that sometimes you feel like the bug and sometimes the windshield, he confessed...and I agreed my day was similar, that he was feeling like the bug....

And that he was working to turn it around.

That is one of the things I truly love about being a human child of the living God. We can actually, barring clinical depression, actually work to turn how we feel about the day around. Can't always change circumstances, but we can do what we are able to do in an attempt to feel better about what is on our plate.

Maybe there actually is enough cheese sauce in the world to cover lima beans up in order to make them palatable....

Or maybe not.

I need a cup of coffee.

Point is, you can choose to dwell in the doldrums, and stew in your own juices...or you can simply put one foot out in front of the other and keep moving. One breath at a time. One action at a time, and eventually, right/considerate action will begin to build up into something that gets your little bug self up from the windshield and into the air again.

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