Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Big Weekend

I am sitting in my office, taking some time to be quiet and perhaps a bit reflective on the coming events of the day.

This week has been an interesting one in the way it has felt like a stretching out for the finish after a long hard run. Back in my track days, when I was REALLY in shape, I used to like to go for a long run--more than five miles. The first thousand strides are tough, as your body is warming up, and I was never good about stretching there were always complaints about sore muscles. Then, comes the middle, and things even out...the mind wanders and the body slips into groove. Come the end, when fatigue has set in, and the body is truly not happy with you, you face that last thousand steps. The proverbial "sprint to the finish," at least for THIS run...and a funny thing happens, at least to me, anyway.

The stride lengthens.

There is a sense of dipping into those quiet reserves we don't often tap, except in extreme need. Call it an endorphin rush, call it what you will. There really is a peace that passes MY understanding when those last steps to the finish manifest themselves. I feel my stride lengthen, and breath goes deep into my chest and I can feel myself in thought, mind and soul moving around my own body's center.

That is something of what I am feeling right now.

That, and nervous.

In a short time, the church will fill, and we will pray thanks together about a new ministry that deserves to be celebrated. It will be what it will be, and then, we will relax and for a short time bask in the shadow of those last steps of the first sprint. Sounds poetic...but I think that I will need every minute of my upcoming retreat to walk off the remains of this run...and might even need some more.

Still, it is good to see family, to anticipate the renewal of connections with old friends and to look forward to forging new relationships with all who come today. It is a true celebration of the Trinity...past present and future, and all that.

And then, onward.

I filled out an application for a CREDO week next fall. It is an ECUSA program that invites clergy to an 8-day period of rest, renewal and reflection on their vocations, their personal lives and their walk with God and the Church. Can't wait!

And then, on to Sunday...We commission a group of nine, who will mission in Kenya for the next two weeks, tomorrow at the main service, and then I am off on retreat (noted above) to the Cape with some colleagues for the first part of the week.

And then, back to Pentecost and beyond....

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