Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Back and busy

In the five minutes before I head into staff, I am stealing the moment to meditate on being busy.

One of the most overwhelming aspects of parish ministry, and particularly a new call, is that I find myself being able to see with newer eyes all that needs to be done. Problem is, I also lack the experience and knowledge of the people around me who have been dealing with it for a long time, at the least longer than I have been here (short, though that is) and for some longer than I have even been alive.

Still, I notice and ache to begin to address those things that are just a little skewed. I have a friend who has a thing about straight lines. She is/was a graphic designer and is blessed/cursed with being able to see just how straight, or how off, a line is. The dissonance is what bugs her. When one thing does not line up against another, she actually feels it as a physical pain. Makes her a great graphics person as she strives for perfection. It also makes her a pretty miserable person. Think for a moment about the fact that there are, beyond theory, VERY few perfect lines in nature.

There are fewer in church life.

Don't get me wrong. I am excited as all get out about beginning a new call. The challenge is to see, notice, absorb, understand and appreciate ALL the lines as I encounter them...and not to run around straightening pictures or spend my day picking at the edge of the rugs to make things line up "just so."

That is not life, in the church or otherwise; but it does take a deep and prayerful concentration as I move through that days ahead to figure out what I am noticing from my own posture of seeing what is not lining up...and what God is drawing my eye to in order to address the issue.....

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