Monday, May 02, 2005

After the Annual Meeting

I am slowly feeling a bit more confident that we will all survive the next 10 days. That, coupled with getting through the Annual Meeting, has given me a sense of optimism for the coming days and the Celebration of a New Ministry on Saturday.

Things seem to be coming together...and I am impressed with the way people are stepping up to the plate as we take on this liturgy by the proverbial seats of our pants. I wish we could have had more time to prepare, but I am beginning to learn that becoming a rector, like taking on any new and significant life-altering experience never occurs in a timely or tidy way. It just is, and you learn to go with what you get in terms of timing, resources and talent from yourself and those around you.

I continue to be impressed with a staff that seems to anticipate my needs before I ask. the challenge is learning to work with and communicate in a network of people I have not yet hit a stride with in our personal or corporate styles of work and life. We are still learning each other...and nothing like a series of major and significant events to take us through that process!

I am excited about the celebration, but also a little nervous. This experience reminds me of watching a circus high wire act, the ones who work without a net. Not a very settling image for parish ministry, but one I think that at this moment for me is appropriate. I remember seeing a photo once of a wire artist who had committed to walkng a wire between the world trade centers. He had to account for so many variables...the tension of the wire, the ability to rig his work without permission, the fact that the towers moved so much in the wind, etc. etc....and he was STILL walking in space so high up that a fall....well, you get the point. That image came back to me on Sept. 11, watching the towers come down. No one will walk that space again.

Sometimes we get to choose how we cross empty space...and sometimes we don't.

What I love about Trinity is the feeling that even when I think I am stepping into empty space, I find myself supported by those around me. This is, I think, what it means to be a part of the Body of Christ. It is not some utopian ideal. You still screw up and make mistakes in the Body of Christ...but the sense of being a PART of something that is still greater than yourself...and being a part of a truly holy work in community definitely makes it worth the while.

There is reconciliation and forgiveness for all. Good to remember that as I anticipate a mountaintop experience of celebrating the completion of the calling process, and to keep it in perspective as we step out in faith as a parish to discern where next God is calling us to lend a hand to the work of bringing in the kingdomtide.


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