Saturday, April 23, 2005

Vestry, Funerals and Annual Meetings...on top of it all

This has been yet another one of those weeks.

I am getting used to them, I think.

On the up side, now that the dust has clearly settled on this year's Holy Week celebrations, we are finally getting into settling in to parish life and with the staff, wardens, ministry leadership are finding out how I am, and where I will be, fitting in over the next couple of months.

Granted, that means a lot of work on process, while at the same time working to maintain my hand on the things that are routine and, some might say, workaday. Getting writing and presentation work done; signing letters and composing emails; planning events and taking meetings with parishioners seeking pastoral care, the ear of the rector or just wanting to introduce themselves.

This week was exciting, though in so many ways.

Laura and I attended our first Peacemeal experience. It was a grace-filled event, to be sure. With Tim on the piano, Wendy providing levity and energy before the meal was served and the joy of life lived well filling the room...I can say that it was some of the best chicken I have had in a long time. To be honest, both the quality of the companionship AND the food was superb.

From that point, I had a meeting on Monday morning with a candidate for the position of office assistant at the Day School. Cindy Bove was excited and anxious to move this search to conclusion. I look forward to working with the school as it begins to dream its next chapter in life as an educational instituion.

Busy days ahead.


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