Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Feels like a LOONNNNGGGGG week

This has been a busy season. I am beginning to feel it in my bones. Just about now, there is almost, almost too much information coming my way. As tax season concludes, as Laura and I begin to put the finishing touches on furnishing the house, and as Easter winds down in the office, the press of getting through the end of the program year definitely looms large.

Fact is, I am tired and cranky. Happy, but tired and cranky. So much is going well, and I am celebrating it all. The hard part is summoning up the energy to keep the tempo at the place it has been at now for so many days. The fatigue is creating an attention/awareness deficit in me. I am not firing on all cylinders. On the up side, good things are happening around stewardship and governance. I am really happy about the configuration and energy in stewardship, particularly. They seem ready to embrace the coming year, building on the gains of last fall and stepping boldly into a season of development both among the adult membership AND the children and youth of the parish.

Governance was a bit of a headache this week. Meeting with the wardens last week, we pulled back the veil on vestry elections and found some problems. Nancy Cullen has really helped in pulling together a spreasheet that plots the dilemma: we face a serious turnover issue around annual elections. Due to the search, some held over on their terms of service to provide voice on vestry from the search committee. Also, there were some people filling out partial terms that come due for re-election. On top of that, terms for the wardens come up in a couple of years to coincidental simultaneous transition...they both go off at the same time. We are looking at some serious shuffling at vestry level...and a change in the by-laws around warden elections. Complicated and hard to visualize.

We are also ramping up with the staff and leadership for the annual meeting and the institution. All in one week. May 1st for the Annual Meeting, with attendant publication of the budget, election of officers, etc....and then May 7th with the service of a Celebration of New Ministry. With the Bishop visiting.

Then, Mother's Day (and commissioning of outreach ministers) and I am on retreat. Today, at least, I am counting the days!

Tonight is TYG and Property. I get to be in two places at once again! Getting good at that.....

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