Friday, March 18, 2005

Week one

This has been an EVENTFUL week, to say the least.

Getting ready for Holy Week, meeting with Finance, Vestry and the Youth ministry, along with just being in the office, unpacking books and getting my pastoral legs under me has consumed nearly every waking moment.

I am in the process of either meeting with, or setting up meetings with...Every staff member and every vestry member. My hope is that we can conclude that cycle of meetings within the month and a half or so leading up to the start of preparations for the Celebration of New Ministry that happens on May 7th. God willing, then I will be able to meet with heads of ministries and committees.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this first week in the proverbial pocket. I continue to be impressed by the joy, energy and enthusiasm being expressed around the church for both my arrival and the advent of a new sense of call to common ministry we are experiencing together.

I have to admit to a certain amount of nervousness in getting ready for the liturgies of Holy Week. This is our first cycle of high holy days spent together, and each hour, it seems, brings with it one more set of details...Another layer of complexity. In reality, this process takes weeks, if not months. We are doing it in days. Lucky for me, I feel surrounded and lifted up by souls that know exactly what this all feels like.

So many firsts! That was the theme of my first column for the Trinity Tidings. I am learning to savor these moments...To enjoy the sense of peace and accomplishment that comes from having one more bit of information, to hear one more not of clarity.

So, finally, the week draws to a close. To celebrate, Laura and I had our first real "date-night" out in ages, celebrating at a restaurant in Lambertville. A quick and gustatory trip back to New Jersey. It felt good to come home to PA.

More to follow...

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