Sunday, March 13, 2005

That last night....

Tomorrow is my first day in the office.

I am really ready to kick off a new call. On Saturday, we went to the church to drop off my own vestments. While there, we met Bill and Chris and Barbara. They were waiting for a rental of the sanctuary. Turns out that the Old Catholic tradition was using the sanctuary for some ordinations. The area Archbishop was ordaining a new neighbor to the deaconate. On top of that, several more were being ordained to the priesthood. I was moved to see such joy and inclusivity. Who knows, there might be a ministry opportunity in all that.

On the other side of that encounter, we had breakfast with some good friends. My last Sunday morning off. We went to the Eagle Diner. Good to see an authentic diner, having moved from NJ. I realize we are not so far away, but morning breakfast is such a blessing. My dance card will be full from now on.

The house is nearly together. Laura and I installed new light fixtures in the kitchen. Beautiful. Christened them with our first pizza night.

Other than that, meetings all week. Finance, Vestry, TYG...Then Friday night for a get-together.

Then....Holy Week!

A great start.

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