Monday, March 28, 2005

In the wake of Holy Week

Ah, the quiet of the morning after...such as it is. Holy Week was an amazing experience, from the youth offering up profoundly moving liturgies on Wednesday and Good Friday, to the trifecta baptism at the Vigil to the glory of Easter morning. I was not as tired as I expected to be in the wake of all that work. Testimony to a large number of people who are really dedicated to that season of worship. It was a really great way to start.

This morning was spent, for the most part, with Cindy Bove-director of the Trinity Day School. We had a great discussion about the school and her work. She gave me a good overview of where things have been, and where she and the wardens think things are going in the near future. I really look forward to working with the school on developing its vision of educating the kids of the area. After that, I went down to meet the teachers. Hopefully, as we move through this time of transition, close out the school year and being to look toward next fall, we will have a chance to develop a positive and mutual working relationship.

Tomorrow, I head in New York to meet with the General Theological Alumni/ae board. I am looking forward to that, as we will get an update on the campaign for General and the status of the development of Chelsea Square. These projects are going to change the face of the seminary. I am really excited to be part of that process.

On the home front, tonight will be a quiet one, I hope. A good friend and his family, including one of my god-children, are coming for dinner. Laura is cooking a chicken curry.

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