Friday, March 11, 2005

First meetings

Today was my first, unofficial day in the office. I had two meetings, one with the wardens and one with the Rector's Advisory Committee.

In a nutshell, and aside from a whirlwind couple of hours, we got lot done. Beginnings are always more about "getting to know you" than about really getting a great deal accomplished. I did enjoy having those first conversations, though. There is a lot to do, mostly because a lot is going on and getting done.

I signed some recommendations for youth from the parish to go to Guatemala. That was a kick. Awesome to see the scope and level of activity in the youth ministry around here. I was also happy to take an errand into the church to check out the vestments of the parish. Gave me a chance to see the school in session. Very much like St Andrew's, with children and teachers and jots of noise and joy and energy. Don't think I could ever go back to a church that is "dark" during the week. I just love seeing the building being used to its capacity.

Holy Week is fast approaching. Gonna be a crazy first couple of weeks, but I am truly excited to begin working!

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