Wednesday, February 02, 2005

new staff new ways

Today was busy again.

We woke up early for the service, the Feast of the Presentation. I love the psalm appointed for 84. It talks about a sparrow making her nest in the Temple. The psalmist ruminates on the glory of God made manifest in a simple little bird making her home so near the holiest of holies. I preached on noticing the little things God gives to us.

Staff went well. I am slowly finding that there is less and less I need to be taking part in. I can only guide them so far. From here, they have to do it on their own.

Debbie Stedman sent me an email last night, and our conversation today via electronic posting was very heartening. I get the sense that there is both efficiency and joy in her work. I really appreciate that. As we begin to set my calendar for my entry at Trinity, I get the sense that things will be well managed.

The negotiations on the house proceed apace. The sellers rejected our request, nearly outright, for reimbursements for the work the inspector noted as being necessary for the transfer of the home. We are working on being delicate in the negotiations. Ah, the joy of doing business.

Finally got to Aikido. Great class. Lots of relatively advanced techniques. Cross hand grabs with jujinages, irminages, etc. Only downside is that on one of my throws I got kicked in the head. Thick skull, it only rang the bell, never dented it...I think.

Tomorrow, Genesis 1-12 for the Bible Study, and I will go see Barbara Pape after her back surgery.

I also go to connect with Christ Thorp. Haven't talked to him in a long time. He was psyched that we were going into his neck of the woods. Will have to kidnap him for a cheesesteak when he and Laura come back to Philly to see the family.

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