Monday, January 31, 2005

one step at a time

Well, today was another trip to Bucks County to check out the progress on the housing front. We had our home inspection, learned about the place we will (we hope) eventually be living in and, of course, giving more people money to tell us about how we will be having to spend more money in the immediate future to keep fours walls around us and a roof over our heads. Love it.

We also signed on the dotted line...our mortgage application. Yet another step into the world of adults.

On the domestic front, I had my second annual meeting here at St. Andrew's and effectively brought my tenure here to an unofficial close. We had a baptism and Howard my organist celebrated a birthday. Then, to close out the day, we hosted a funeral for a neighbor who had passed. I had a wonderful experience, hosting a unitarian gathering and a young intern who was officiant who had a great set of non-liturgical chops. She led us in a wonderful celebration of a man's life, leading us through tears and laughter with a great sense of poise and refinement. It was her first funeral. I can only wish that mine had gone as well. All I can remark on about mine was that the driver of the hearse decided to go out for coffee before the service was done.

A great start to a week...God willing it will hold.

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