Thursday, January 27, 2005

a new home

We got the house!

Soon, in the next week, we will be learning/doing/acting on the process of becoming homeowners. On Monday, we meet with the house inspectors and we will continue to sign money over to vendors and agents. I can't complain. As we begin to lift our eyes to God's work in Bucks County, I find my excitement rising. So many aspects of this change are blessings to us. We will be home owners, both for the first time in this life. We will be living in a nicer home that either one of us had ever hoped to possess. We will be making a new life, and taking on new ways of being...and the way is cleared for us to begin a family.

God is indeed blessing us after a long walk in the wilderness...and I give thanks for both experiences.

Today, I led a Bible Study on the letter of Paul to the Galatians. Amazing epistle, that one. I find it to be such a fertile field for discussion about how we go about being Church nowadays. The temptation is always there, here in the sophisticated and suburban Northeast Corridor, to make Church into a club experience. Paul, in Galatians, challenges a community that is slipping into exclusivity to refocus their energies on being the body of Christ, versus trying to figure out what the OUTER signs of the community should be. It is not about circumcision, nor is it about what dietary laws you accept. In for a penny, in for a pound, says Paul...and where would you rather be? In the fold of the Law? In the embrace of the Body of Christ? The challenge is to manifest the marks of Christ, not in the exterior ornamentation of how we "represent" to the world, but in how we offer ourselves up in word, deed and posture.

A good day.

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